Monday, March 7, 2011

Annual Appointment

I updated our carepage a couple of days ago, but it has really been acting up, so I don't know if anyone even saw, or was able to see what I wrote. I wouldn't mind, normally, but we are in Atlanta about to take Grace into "The Cath Lab" for her annual transplant checkup. She will have to go under general anesthesia because they have to go in through the artery/vein? in her right subclavian. All other points of access are no longer able to support the wires due to various procedures in the past. During this appointment they will be doing a cath to check the pressures inside her heart, take a look at her coronary arteries to check for a specific kind of coronary artery disease linked to transplants and taking a bit of her heart muscle to check for rejection. She is also scheduled for an echo, ekg, lots of lab work (which they can do in the cath lab) and ultrasounds of her abdomen checking her stomach, liver, kidneys, gal bladder and spleen (her medicine can do damage to her organs). We will also follow up with her nutritionist, who should be pleased with how far she has come this year.

Please say a prayer this morning for Grace. Pray that the procedure goes smoothly and that all of the tests show all good things, especially no rejection.

Thank you! I will update when we get out of here!

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  1. I am praying and have been since day one. I was a sorority sister of Beth's and my Mom is a regular at Claude Moore and has been for YEARS :) You may have heard about our daughter, who 18 months ago was born with a 1 pound 11 oz. cervical teratoma (benign tumor of neck.) They found this on my 20 week ultrasound and after being hospitalized and a diff. pregnancy she was born at 33 weeks and they removed the tumore on day 12. She was a miracle, as is...your Grace. God is looking after our girls and gives us the strength to move forward. My e-mail is Would love to hear from you. Leah was born at Johns Hopkins and it was such a rare tumor, they saved her life. We are now being seen every 3 months by docs here in St. Louis b/c we moved here almost a year ago. Her AFP has risen slightly so they are doing a MRI with sedation and more tests on the 24th to see if they have to remove the remainder of the cyst in her neck sooner than fall. As I pray for Grace, please keep Leah in your prayers too. Much love and God Bless, Laurie Bosshard