Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh to be three again! Grace is full of so much energy we can hardly keep up with her. She is talking more and more, and her teacher told me today was her "best day yet" at school. We have been working hard teaching her to swim this summer and have had success at about 5 feet. After that point she is so proud of her new found talent that she stops to tell us about it and forgets that if she stops kicking her feet and moving her arms that she will sink to the bottom. She is getting really close though!

We have been staying out of doctors offices this summer and will hopefully continue to avoid them until Grace's transplant check up at the end of July. It has been six months since we were up there last and it feels SOOOO good to be able to have made it the full six months without any hospitalizations. What a difference a year (and a new medicine) makes!

I will continue to fiddle with this site and hope to get some new pics up soon. Please continue keep Grace in your prayers for a healthy 3 1/2 year check up and safe travels. Also, please continue to think of our donor family who gave us so much!


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